DMV Community


AGDMV is a non-profit organization that provides its members with exceptional opportunities and valuable information to ensure successful community. AGDMV management is committed to its members and continues to build great alliances with organizations that share similar goals and objectives. AGDMV financial position exemplifies many non-profit organizations across the country, and AGDMV management is committed to adhering and adjusting to the changing times of today.

We have taken several steps to reduce expensive and to generate additional funds. The steps taken to reduce spending include scale back on Executive meeting spending and streamlining the use of phone blasts while attempting to maintain the same level of quality service provided to its members and programs.

The key to AGDMV continued success is directly related to maintaining and supporting healthy and positive membership based programs. As we strive to provide quality membership programs, the Officers of AGDMV are committed to defending the interest to adhering and adjusting to today’s economic times. It will be crucial that we as an organization entertain the thoughts of more innovative ways and means of generating revenue. AGDMV management is in the process of reviewing plans and objectives that will cover the next few years. The plan will address adding some new capabilities in marketing, outreach, educational and workshop.


Strengthen the true values and beliefs of our community and promote excellence.


Structure and develop our community to face today’s challenges.