Homeland Security announced today that TPS for Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone has been extended until November 2016. Here’s the official announcement:


Congratulations to everyone for this important victory. This is 100% because of the pressure that this coalition mobilized on DHS- the letters from the embassies, the endorsements, the media coverage, the calls from Congress members. The fact this was announced the day before a delegation is scheduled to meet with DHS officials is not a coincidence- DHS wants to say “We have met your demands”.

However, this is only half a victory. Six months is a welcome reprieve, but a very short one. We are going to have to continue pushing for the full 18 month extension we requested. Because TPS will expire in November, we need to be organizing continuously from now on. The campaign starts TODAY.

By continuing to organize, mobilize, and advocate, we will continue to win for African communities.

The TPS Re-authorization committee