That time of the year that bring us together is here again.

In the name of all Guineans in the DMV, please allow me to thank all Guineans and friends of Guinea as well as the Embassy of the Republic of Guinea for joining us over the Memorial week-end at the 11th annual Guinean Inter-States Soccer tournament. This event will not have been a success without you all, and for that, we remain grateful. Guineans from all walks of life and friends of Guinea gathered to enjoy two days of sports, togetherness in peace and happiness.

Because of you all and your generosity, we will be able to contribute to post Ebola crisis management in Guinea with parts of the funds raised during this year’s event. We thank all our donors, sponsors, partners, NGOs that have supported this event in offering services, time and donations. A very special thanks goes to the wonderful organizing committee from the Guinean Community Association in the DMV, without you all, this would not have been possible, so THANK YOU!!!!!
To all Guineans and their great community Presidents from various States, we say Thank you. Peace, Unity and fun were guaranteed thanks to you all. I hope that we will continue to come together regardless of our differences and our different views of our country’s current situation to strengthen our Communities TOGETHER, to pride ourselves in what it means to be Guinean above all.

When it comes to the well-being of our Guinean Communities in the U.S , everybody must come together and become ONE to fulfill the common goal of promoting peace, unity, leadership, mentorship so that our brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, mothers and fathers can live a fulfilled positive life in this great Nation that has given us so much. Through our successes here, we will be able to greatly contribute to the development our beloved county GUINEA.

May God bless all of you and our community in the USA!
May God Bless the Republic of Guinea
May God Bless the United States of America

Your beloved President & Friend
Mr. Sam Soumah
President of the Guinean Community Association in the DMV