Le Discours de la Communauté Guinéenne.West Africa Summit on Ebola Washington, DC Convention Center.

You’re Excellency Mr. Ambassadors of Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia,
Dear Community Leaders
Distinguish guests,
Ladies and gentlemen
Good Afternoon

My name is Naby Sam Soumah, President of the Guinean community Association in the DMV. I stand before you this morning in that capacity to speak to you on behalf of all the voiceless Guineans in Guinea. Thank you for the opportunity to speak about the Ebola outbreak currently facing Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia. Given the seriousness of the crisis, the Ebola Epidemic which is hurting not only West Africa, but the entire humanity must be stopped. Unless we quickly contain and stop the Ebola epidemic, nothing less than the future of not only West Africa, but perhaps even the whole world is at stake. The Ebola crisis in West Africa has already infected more than 14,000 people and claimed more than 6000 lives, and the epidemic continues to spread. The crisis has already had a profound economical impact on the millions of people in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. People are going hungry everyday and are unable to go to work. More than 6 million children are unable to go to school and thousands have been orphaned.

Many businesses and major investment companies have left our countries. Farmers are unable to harvest crops, airline flights are being canceled, and trade has diminished.

The Guinean community Association’s goal is to continue being the body and channel that many of our diasporas in the DMV have come to rely on to help organize, coordinate, inform and support Guinea, as well as to help stop the negative perceptions that continue to derail well meaning local and international organizations and efforts in the management of this crisis.

Besides the economical effects which our countries are facing now, the worst come to the educational disaster caused by Ebola. In Guinea, for example, all schools are still closed because of the fear of Ebola. We have, as a community organization reached out to many Diaspora groups, healthcare professionals, social, civic and faith based organizations; international NGOs, to lobby and advocate for assistance and for a U.S response in Guinea. I can assure you that we will continue doing so, in hopes of getting some kind of positive outcome in partnership with the Embassy of the Republic of Guinea in Washington, DC.

Ladies and Gentlemen, my brothers and sisters of Sierra Leone and Liberia, I want to remind you that Ebola has proven to all of us that it knows no boundaries. I sincerely hope that we will continue together as Africans and Friends of Africa to lobby, advocate, inform and gather the necessary resources that will help eradicate once and for all the Ebola virus out of the West African region before it puts the majority of the continent down on its knee. Our Social economic future as well as that of all those interested in Africa depends on how far we are willing to go to eradicate Ebola out of our motherland.,

God bless Africa,
God bless the United States of America.
May God protect all of us.
Thank you!!!